For the past ten years or so, I have been working on a project about Chicago record label Vee Jay Records and it's owner and founder, Vivian Carter. Vee Jay was started by Vivian after she won a contest to be a DJ on legendary Chicago DJ Al Benson's show. She and her husband Jimmy then went on to start a record store called "Vivian's Records" and from that sprang the label. They had immediate and overwhelming success signing acts like John Lee Hooker, Jimmy Reed, The Duke of Earl, Franki Valli and the Four Seasons and most interestingly, they were the first label to bring the Beatles to the US market.

We have worked hard to put a package together that includes a well known attachment, the legal and business framework (OMM LLC) a script and other elements which we are still currently working on. Both the masters to the original music and the publishing have been located and we are in direct talks with both entities. Of course, these situations always depend on budget and attachments.

If you would like to follow along on our journey of putting this project together and it's attendant twists and turns, then you can watch us at

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